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Van Hese

Programme Chair

Zeger Van Hese (born and raised in Belgium) has a background in Commercial Engineering and Cultural Science. He started his professional career in the movie distribution industry but switched to IT in 1999. A year later he got bitten by the software testing bug (pun intended) and has never been cured since. Over the years, he developed a passion for exploratory testing, testing in agile projects and, above all, continuous learning from different perspectives. He was the 2012 Eurostar program chair and founded his own company, Z-sharp, dedicated to helping clients on the path to smarter testing. He is co-founder of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT), muses about testing on his TestSideStory blog and is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide. He makes sketchnotes for fun.
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I was lucky enough to be asked to deliver a keynote at the Polish Testing Cup in Katowice last year.

I didn't know the conference, but what I have seen from it - the vibe, the smooth organisation as a whole - made me an instant fan. I was delighted to see hundreds of people perform testing and sharpening their skills at the Testing Cup, because this is what testing conferences should be about: not only theory, but practice as well. There is tremendous power in showing others how you test, and watching others test. Seeing other people's techniques and approaches in action can be wildly inspiring for your own practice.

When the organisers proposed me to chair the next edition of the Polish Testing Cup (held in beautiful Gdansk), I gladly accepted: a testing conference that honours the testing craft by putting actual testing at the heart of it has my full support.

The Testing Cup is growing, and aims to grow even more. Whereas the program of previous editions was primarily Polish (apart from keynotes and the occasional track session), this year we are aiming for one Polish track and one fully English track. We still want to hear stories from the Polish community of course, but we are now also reaching out to testers from abroad to share their knowledge and experiences with the attendees.

The theme this year is "The Craft of Software Testing", highlighting the fact that software testing is a craft in its own right, something we take pride in and we can constantly try to become better at. This might happen through learning new approaches, techniques or domains, and by becoming aware that good testing often raises more questions than it answers.

Become a Speaker

If you would like to become a speaker at the Testing Cup 2017 conference in Gdansk, we invite you to submit an abstract on following topics:

  • Exploratory approaches (heuristics, session-based testing)
  • Security testing
  • Working visually in testing
  • Testing the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • New ideas in software testing
  • Technical testing
  • Tool support in testing
  • Testing in Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Lean...
  • Testing Artificial Intelligence (self-driving cars, etc.)
  • Testing Augmented Reality

Sessions will not be limited to these subjects only. If you have an interesting story to share on other topics, we'd like to hear from you as well. Apart from regular track sessions, there is also room for workshops for small groups of participants where you will be able to present your approach to a practical problem during an interactive session (90 minutes).

Benefits for speakers:
Opportunity to present their knowledge in front of a large and demanding audience
Video recording of the (selected) presentations to be published online via TestingCup YouTube channel

Compensation policy:
Accepted speakers will receive a complimentary conference registration.
Hotel accommodation - one night stay
Limit for travel from Europe: 250 euro
Limit for travel from outside Europe: 500 euro

Submission deadline:
31st January 2017


(+48) 533 389 220

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